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All you have to do is switch out a word or two here, and toss in a few metaphors there, and BAM, you’ve got yourself a perfectly radio-friendly hit on your hands. Or, maybe, it’s best to invest your newfound millions in future musicians.They’ll make songs exactly like these 13, stumping generations to come, who don’t realize that, like, all of their favorite songs are actually secretly about sex: 1.Sex sells: it’s an expression that’s as old as time itself. Exhibit A: how you can either decide to go to a Miley Cyrus concert, or not, because you know for a fact that homegirl will be riding an inflatable hot dog at about 50 feet in the air, while just shy of naked. It’s just that we can usually tell when an image is being sexed up and make our decisions accordingly.There are large number of such cases where victims are rural women in India, who dress very conservatively and very few cases in beach towns where ladies are scantily clad. In other cases they focus on a particular person and her dress sense has no bearing in such cases.In my opinion, the problem is in the heads of men and not in the attire of women.See more » ] It was the year the whole world remembers. That week, finally the sun came out and for us it all began.

Later in the movie, when George sees the photo published on a social media site, the photo shows her flipping off with her right hand instead.

This region gradually merges with the fertile alluvial farmlands in the east.

This district saw many cultural and religious movements in history.

laza – malaki birdie Debbie Gibson – give Duty Free – maliit ang nota Givenchy – give, pahingi Halls – tsupaantibiotic – antipatikabigalou – bigbiway, chopopo, guash – gwapobongga, bonggakea – super to the maxborta – malaki katawanboyband – lalaking sintaba ng baboybuya – nakakahiyachaka, chuckie, shonget, ma-kyonget, chapter, jupang-pang – uglycheapangga, chipipay – cheap, ka-cheapanchipipay – cheapchopopo – gwapoconalei – baklushdaki – dakodites – ditodoonek – dooneffem – halatang baklaemena gushung – malanding semenaristafayatollah kumenis – payatganda lang – for freeganders – magandaintonses – sira, wasakjongoloids – bobojowa, jowabelles, jowabella – karelasyon, boyfriend o girlfriendjutay, juts – maliitkabog, loss – talo!

katagalugan – matagalkatol – mukhang katulongkirara – pangit / maitimklapeypey-klapeypey – pumalakpakkrang-krang – hungry (same as Tom Jones)krung-krung – sira ulo, baliwlulu, tungril, tetetet – lesbianmahogany, mashumers, ugmas – mabahomajubis – mataba / gusgusinmatod – magnanakawnakakalurky – nakaka-shock, nakaka-takotneuro – napaisip bigla, mind-boggleroblation – walang saplototoko – lalakeng lalakipamin, paminta, pamentos, pamenthol – discreet gay guypinkalou – pinkpranella – praningquality control – maganda ang qualitysangkatuts – marami, isang katutakshala – sosyalshogal – matagalshokot, bokot – takotshonga, shongaers, planggana – *****shonga-shonga – *****-*****shonget, makyonget – uglyshontis – buntissudems – nevertamalis – tamadurky – nakakalokawarla – loka-loka, nawawala sa sarili, nababaliwwasok – contraction ng “wasak pag pasok”wiz, waz – wala!

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